2nd International Workshop on Intelligent Digital Games for Empowerment and Inclusion, Haifa, Israel, 24 February, 2014


Associated with International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces 2014.

program overview

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Digital Games for Empowerment and Inclusion possess the potential to change our society in a most positive way by preparing selected groups in a playful and fun way for their everyday life’s social and special situations. Exemplary domains span as far as from children with Autism Spectrum Condition to young adults preparing for their first job interviews or migrants familiarizing with their new environment. The current generation of such games thereby increasingly demands for computational intelligence algorithms to help analyze players’ behavior and monitor their motivation and interest to adapt game progress. The development of such games usually thus requires expertise from the general gaming domain, but in particular also from a game’s target domain, besides technological savoir-faire to provide intelligent analysis and reaction solutions.

IDGEI 2014 aims at bridging across these communities and disciplines by inviting respective researchers and experts to discuss their latest perspectives and findings in the field of Intelligent Digital Games for Empowerment and Inclusion.

Suggested workshop topics include, but are by no means limited to:

  • Machine Intelligence in Serious Games
  • Mobile and Real-World Serious Gaming
  • Emotion & Affect in Serious Games
  • Player Behavior and Attention Modeling
  • Player-Adaptation and Motivation
  • Security & Privacy Preservation
  • Novel Serious Games
  • User Studies & Tests of Serious Games

The workshop aims

  1. to bring forth existing efforts and major accomplishments in the design of intelligent serious games,
  2. to provide a forum for exchange in experience with intelligent user interfaces and serious games in practice,
  3. while encouraging the design of novel applications in context as diverse as health-oriented gaming, general learning and driving environments, or emergency preparation, and
  4. to focus on current trends and future directions in the field.

As an outcome beyond the workshop, we aim to continue the effort by a related special issue in a suited top-ranked ACM journal.


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